• HELM Operator and Management Level

    In 2015 MTC is offering "H.E.L.M. Human Elements, Leadership and Management (Operational (H001) and Management Level (H002))" Training Courses according to STCW 78 as amended (Table A-11/1, 111/1, 111/6).

  • MAN ME

    "E005 - MAN Electronic Engines Operation and Analysis (ME)" Training Course conducted on original MAN ME Engine Simulator.

  • High Voltage

    "C008 - Electrical Safety in High Voltage Installations" according to STCW 78 as amended and certified by BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency).

  • Shiphandling for Yachts

    The NEW shiphandling courses of MTC espacially for masters and nautical officers of cruise vessels and yachts "S005 - Shiphandling for Cruise Vessels" and "S006 - Shiphandling for Yachts".

  • Tugboat

    The MTC Tug Boat Simulator is helping pilots and tug boat skippers to practice difficult manoeuvers. "S024 - Manoeuvring with Tugs".

  • ECDIS Training

    "R005 - The Operational Use of ECDIS" training course is conducted according to STCW 78 as amended and IMO Model Course 1.27 and is certified by BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency).

  • Engine Team Management

    "E013 - Engine Room Resource Management - Engine Team Management" training course is conducted according STCW 78 as amended (Section A-III/1 and A-III/2)

  • Tanker Training

    "L002 - Tanker Basic", "L004 - Adv. Oil/Chemical Tanker" and "L007 - Adv. Liquefied Gas Tanker" training courses are conducted according STCW 78 as amended and IMO Model Courses 1.02, 1.04 and 1.06 and are certified by BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency).

  • Pilot Training

    Hamburg Harbour Pilots, Elbe River Pilots and the Pilots of NOK I already pratice their manoevres here at MTC in Hamburg successfully since 2009. We are now offering the training course "S007 - Shiphandling for Pilots" for pilots all around the globe.

MTC Courses

We are providing training for officers and engineers serving on ships, using state of the art equipment and simulators.
You are planning a customer event, an event for your company staff, a presentation or a meeting and you are still looking for a location with maritime flair?
Research and Development Projects
Research and Development Projects
Our full mission Shiphandling Simulator is a state of the art tool suitable for nautical studies and research + development projects.


ECDIS Training

ECDIS implementation is moving fast and a large number of vessels are equipped already. All seafarers dealing with ECDIS on the bridge have to proof that they have been successfully participating in an approved ECDIS Course...

Certification for High Voltage Courses

High voltage courses are mandatory from Jan 2012 for personnel operating power plants on ships with 1000 Volts or more. MTC is conducting this course since 2009. It has been adopted in 2012 to the STCW regulations...

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